I Am Back at School Now

Of course I was pretty happy the last two semesters while I was hanging out with my former girlfriend on her father’s yacht and a bunch of places where people with my sort of money are never found. Her father is a shady sort of guy who owns betting sites on the internet. I always had the idea that he might be involved in all sorts of other things, but he was never anyone that I wanted to get to know better. At any rate I enjoyed myself really well and this is the first time where I got severance pay when a girl broke up with me. Apparently she is off some place with this DJ, the sort that produce electronic music for people on drugs. I personally have not ever been stoned enough for this sort of music, but I like hot girls enough to pretend that it does not bother me.

At any rate by the time I got back to the states I found about five thousand dollars in my checking account. It was a gift apparently, or a pay off I am not really sure what to think about it. Of course I was not too broken up about losing her as a girlfriend. I miss her money a lot, but I planned on finishing school the entire time. She emailed a few days ago to say that she planned on coming back to school eventually. It sounded as though her father was going to make her do it, because she obviously has very little interest in studying. She loves to party and lay in the sun. Her favorite thing is to be good looking on instagram and watch the number of her likes and followers. I never understood that myself, although now I pseudo famous myself I suppose.

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