Magnetic Rings And Silver Cuffs For Health And Beauty

We see many changes in the fashion front and many of them have medical uses too. One such prominent fashion symbol is the metal cuff. These provide an expression of the individuality of the person and emphasize the speed with which the fashion scene is changing.

Use of silver to make cuffs has another beneficial aspect to it. People use silver for many medical purposes. You can see how the use of silver cuffs help by studying the list of the uses of silver given below.

Avoid the risk of infection

The use of silver-alloy catheters helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. The cost of such a catheter is more but they provide better safety. You can reduce the risk of bloodstream infections by using the chlorhexidine-silver-sulfadiazine.

Antibacterial cream

Use of topical silver for dressings might improve the healing time and lessen the risk of infection. But, there is not enough evidence for the same.

Use of silver for metabolism

You might have seen colloidal silver stocked on the shelves during your visit to the pharmacy. The silver ions can react with bacterial cell membranes to take part in the respiration-blocking process. The cells need this for the conversion of the nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and harness the energy on a daily basis. The ATP is the energy unit of the body.

Blocks the bacteria DNA

Silver has the ability to control antibiotic-resistant super-bugs. In a study conducted, they saw that more than 600 disease-causing pathogens got destroyed within minutes of exposure to silver.

Helpful for skincare

The use of silver helps protect and nurture the skin. This action is better if one uses colloidal silver but wearing silvers cuffs will help. You can get Antique Silver Cuffs Online by visiting the many malls that sell the stuff.

Use of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy has been in use since the time of the pharaohs. Though there is no ferromagnetic action, the magnetic field helps to align the energy chakras in the body. These energy chakras determine the rate of body metabolism and the way the enzymes process the various reactions. By aligning the chakras in the proper manner it is possible to achieve perfect health and mental peace.

Magnetic therapy is a practice in alternative medicine that uses magnets. They embed therapeutic magnets into rings and bracelets to allow their magnetic action to help enhance the health of the person. You can get the Magnetic Rings Online by visiting the website of the supplier. Greek physicians in the 3rd century A.D. used magnetic rings for improving the health.

The therapeutic effects included influencing the course of diseases and relief from pain. They increase the circulation and this helps to change the pain channel in the body tissues. In this way, they block the pain signals going to your brain. When it sees any injury to the body tissues, it helps augment the recovery by enhancing the nerve signals associated with injury recovery.

The magnetic rings help rid the stress accumulated in the tissues. So, the wearer feels less tension and experiences complete relaxation. Regular use of magnetic rings and silver cuffs not only promotes your style quotient but also helps improve your health.

You can get the Magnetic Rings Online by visiting the website of the supplier. Greek physicians in the 3rd century A.D. used magnetic rings for improving the health.

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